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MobileSudoku running in Netbeans emulation.\n\n[img[MobileSudoku|./img/mobilesudoku.png]]\n\nThe download archive contains 2 files. Copy them to your mobile phone using bluetooth, cable or whatever. Then use the .jad file to install.\n\nMyDownloads
*Sudoku (Linux) [[sudoku.tar.bz2|]]\n*Sudoku (Windows XP) [[sudoku-installer.exe|]]\n*Mobilesudoku [[|]]\n\n\nYou can get the sources via sourceforge cvs: \n\ncvs login \ncvs -z3 co -P sudoku
Welcome ;-) \n\nDon't expect too much usefull things here, it's just my personal web playground. This page is based on [[TiddlyWiki|]], a small non-linear web notebook.\n\nContact me: \n\n[img[spam protected ;-)|./img/email.png]]\n\nMyProjects
* libsudoku : a portable Sudoku solver/generator written in C++\n* Sudoku : a nice Sudoku game based on libsudoku and the popular [[wxWidgets|]] library\n* MobileSudoku : a Java Micro Edition port of Sudoku\n\n[img[sudoku|./img/sudoku.png]]\n\n[img[sudoku|./img/sudoku1.png]]\n\nMyDownloads
just a bunch of pages and some nice projects ;-)
Marc's Home